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(2010 – 2015) Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

The ESF NOP 2007-2013 supports systems and structures of the labour market and is managed by the Italian Ministry for Labour and Social policies. As part of the on-going multiannual programme evaluation, Ismeri carries out: an analysis of the efficiency of the management systems, an analysis of national reforms and their implication for the NOP’s strategy, an assessment of the results of interventions and their effects on the functioning of systems and structures; finally, the evaluation team identifies best practices among the carried out initiatives. Three thematic evaluations (immigrants, young people, institutional capacity) and two annual reports have been completed so far. The project activities require applying monitoring/evaluation methodologies, synthesis and analysis of results of the field research and surveys used to collect data and information, as well as elements of quality control and consistency of reporting to ensure that research outputs meet the required standards. As for institutional capacity, a second thematic evaluation is being carried and its aim is to identify lessons to improve the governance in 2014-2020 period.