(2017 – on going) – EC/Dg Regio

EU-CELAC Cooperation on Territorial Cohesion – EU-Argentina Regional Policy Cooperation on Multi-Level Governance Systems

Technical assistance and support to the Ministry of Interior, Public Works and Housing of Argentina and the Ministries concerned, for the design and implementation of regional policies, for which European Union experience is regarded as of high importance. The specific project objectives are:

–  Assistance in the overall design of the federal system of territorial development, focusing on the process of interaction of the three tiers of government, as well as civil society; Assistance in the development of the principles, standards and the specific regulations for the planning, management and measurement of the impact of productive development projects in provinces and municipalities;  Assistance in the design of capacity building programmes (training of trainers) for national, provincial and local actors, public and private, involved in the processes of planning and management of territorial development programmes;  Assistance in the launch of two territorial development pilot projects in two Argentinian Provinces.