(2016) – Tuscany Region

Monitoring the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) of Tuscany Region

The objective of the work was to provide an up to date measure of the implementation of the S3 strategy (years 2014 and 2015) and offer an in depth analysis of the technology trends and of the coherence with the strategy, emerging from the projects financed under the S3. The activities carried out by Ismeri Europa involved the measuring of the indicators indicated in the strategy and the analysis of the monitoring data of the regional programmes (especially regarding the  ERDF operational programme) in order to measure the implementation of the S3 accordingly with the priority areas and roadmaps of the strategy. Furthermore Ismeri Europa has provided an analysis of the technology level (through RED methodology)   of the regional R&D projects financed under the S3 and those developed within the European research scenario of Horizon 2020 in order to identify specific research trends and suggest possible adjustments of the strategy.