(2017 – on going) Tuscany Region

Mid-term review of the regional S3


Ismeri Europa supports the Tuscany Region in the process of reviewing its Smart Specialization Strategy (S3). The work will synthesize and integrate the updated roadmaps as proposed by the Technological Districts and by the regional offices in charge of establishing and implementing the regional industry 4.0 strategy.  This activity allows (through Ismeri’s RED database) the comparison of the proposed roadmaps with the European research scenario developed under the Horizon 2020 programme. Ismeri Europa will then carry out benchmarking analyses at EU level to assess the competitive advantage in the research areas supported by the S3 of the Tuscany region and its main R&D assets and therefore to validate the proposed updates.

(2017 – 2018) – European Parliament

Externalities of cohesion policy

The main objective of this study is to analyse externalities, including spillover economic effects, of cohesion expenditure that occur beyond the borders of the beneficiary Member State (in a neighbouring and/or other Member States) and/or involves parties from another Member State.