(2018 – on going) EC/Dg Regio

EU-Argentina Regional Policy Cooperation on Multi-Level Governance Systems – Institution and Capacity Building on Regional Policy Programming and Implementation

Technical assistance and support to the Ministry of Interior, Public Works and Housing of Argentina and the Ministries concerned, for the design and implementation of regional policies, for which European Union experience is regarded as of high importance. The specific project objectives are:

To inform on the organizational and policy changes needed for an adequate management of development policies, according to the European model, namely on: strengthening and implementing system procedures of horizontal and vertical collaboration between Ministries and institutions linked to development;  coordinating strategies of each institutional decision-making center of development through a formalization of strategic and operational documents similar in structure to the European operational programs.

To transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to provincial (5 Provinces) and national officials on the normative and organisational principles adopted in the framework of EU regional policy.


Support services for the development of a model for monitoring the activities of institutions subject to supervision by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies

Technical support for the development of a model for monitoring the performance of the National Agency of Active Labour Market Policies (ANPLA) and of the National Labour Inspectorate (INL)