Training, labour and social policies

Globalization, the rise of inequality, immigration and an aging population are posing ever greater challenges to employment policies and social inclusion. Intervention tools must be continuously and rapidly adapted to new needs and changing social conditions. Social innovation, benchmarking between experiences and different countries, and building social services from the bottom up are increasingly necessary elements when designing welfare reforms.
For over twenty years, Ismeri Europa has been involved in:

  • analysing the employment market at European, national and regional levels;
  • evaluating employment , training, education, legality and social inclusion policies;
  • assisting in the implementation of employment and social policies;
  • offering specialized services for employability and job creation.
    • Ismeri Europa frequently undertakes assessments for the European Commission on the effects of interventions supported by the European Social Fund or comparative studies of active employment policies in the different member states. Ismeri Europa has conducted various studies and assessments for the Directorate General for Employment, including the ex-post ESF actions system 2000-2006, and human capital in Italy 2007-2013; Ismeri Europa has also advised and assisted the EC on the European network of PES (European Mobility Lab), performing research into the activities of these services throughout Europe.
      Ismeri Europa has collaborated with several Ministries and regional and local Italian Administrations to improve employment and social integration policies; it has recently conducted assessments in Lombardy and the Ministry of Employment on ESF programmes, for example.