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The services that ISMERI EUROPA provides combine research and consulting and at the same time make in-depth knowledge and suggestions for action available to its customers. This distinguishes ISMERI EUROPA from other PA Assistance companies and makes ISMERI EUROPA a leading name in a number of national and international markets

Ismeri Europa offers mainly the following services:

  • Evaluation of public policies, economic and social development programs and projects;
  • Scenario analysis, foresight and benchmarking in macro and microeconomic areas;
  • Studies, research and thematic analysis in the areas of regional policy, research and technology, labour and social inclusion, local development, cultural and environmental Heritage;
  • Strategic advice to the Public Administration in the planning and implementation of public policies and programs co-financed by the Structural Funds;
  • Capacity building for strengthening public administration;
  • Local promotion and support to local development;

To provide these services, ISMERI EUROPA uses highly qualified staff and a network of international advisers. It also uses a wide range of methods and advanced techniques including:

  • Statistical and econometric analyses;
  • Counterfactual impact analysis with econometric and theory based approaches;
  • Desk research and analysis (analysis of literature, meta-evaluations, analyzes regulations);
  • Impact assessment of new rules under national and European methods;
  • Analysis of the efficiency of the procedural and management systems of public policies;
  • Public opinion surveys and data collection with the assistance of technical CATI and CAWI;
  • Collection of information on key players (interviews, focus groups, conference research and evaluation);
  • Case studies and methods of identification and transfer of good practices;
  • Systems of quality assessment and management information systems database;

ISMERI EUROPA also has exclusive ownership of several powerful high added value analysis tools including:

  • CAM econometric model of the world economy for the analysis of macroeconomic scenarios and policies in Europe and at the global level;
  • RED database with the technological classification of projects of the VII Framework program for analysis and territorial and sectoral benchmarking.