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Regional development and capacity building

Regional and urban development is the yardstick used to measure a country’s ability to integrate competitiveness, equality, environmental sustainability and citizen well-being. It is therefore at the heart of the industrial, social and infrastructural strategies of the EU and is a key component in any structural change.

Ismeri Europa has thirty years of experience studying problems related to regional development and Italian and European urban cohesion policies. Ismeri Europa’s contributions to administrative decisions range from macro to microeconomic levels and link territorial analysis to local development. Ismeri Europa has contributed to defining and implementing transportation plans and national methane plans, development programmes and regional research, integrated projects, territorial agreements and development projects promoted by local governments.

Ismeri Europa is a European leader in the evaluation of economic and social cohesion policies and has conducted the main evaluation of these national and European policies. Since the early Nineties, Ismeri Europa has been called on by DG Regio (EC) to participate in the ex-post evaluations of all cycles of European programming; in the last twenty years, several Italian authorities have also turned to Ismeri Europa for ongoing evaluations and economic and territorial analysis.

With its many years of experience, Ismeri Europa can offer advanced analysis and innovative techniques such as counterfactual impact econometric analysis, cost-benefit analysis, qualitative techniques and statistical surveys. The EC has also asked Ismeri Europa to draft development assessment guidelines and give its activities an international dimension. Ismeri Europa relies on highly qualified resources that can:

  • design and coordinate complex assessments of programmes and projects;
  • develop statistical, econometric analyses, focus groups, quality assessment systems and data management;
  • develop original methodologies and provide specific consultancy in a number of different fields (cohesion policies, industrial policies, employment policies and social, technological innovation, environmental policies).

Within the area of regional development programmes, Ismeri is often called upon to provide technical operational assistance to both local governments and the European Community. Moreover, Ismeri team members have recently been involved in a support service working alongside the European Commission (DG Regio) on the Administrative Efficiency Plans (AEP) that the Italian authorities must prepare in conjunction with the 2014-2020 programmes.